I colored Paul Pope, Mike Mignola, and Jeff Smith yesterday as study and I’ve been trying to solve the problem of using watercolor for the colors in Oddité. I like doing this as an exercise also because it allows me to think about the storytelling within the image or sequence as well as if I agree with the creator in terms of composition.

Works: A page from Paul Pope’s Giant THB Parade, a pinup by Mike Mignola that I’m unfamiliar with, and a page from Jeff Smith’s Bone


  • I don’t like how heavy the texture on the paper for the Pope and Smith colors is. It’s photoshop altered red sumi ink, but that’s overpowered and lost in contrast to the texture. It works better for Pope than it does Smith’s page.
  • This Bone page is perfect in black and white. I tried to be abstract to compete, but color adds nothing
  • I colored the Mignola by printing blue line on a piece of 7x10 paper and going traditional with watercolor. I like it, but I feel it should be done much larger and on a lightbox opposed to blue line. I also should have let red and yellow go wet on wet with green towards Iron Man’s foot.
  • Putting a tint that based on the most prominent color really ties things together. Red helped a lot for the Pope page and the same goes for putting a yellow tint over the watercolors for Mignola.

(Source: davezissou)